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Our goal at the RDHW is to provide corporations and companies with easy, convenient access to expert physicians and wellness practitioners. Your human resource department will be happy to know that all services provided by RDHW doctors are complimentary for the company and the employee. Most lectures and employee health days can be arranged within a short period of time, granted that the RDFHW have availability on their donation calendars.

Each provider has a variety of services they provide, so refer to our services “we treat” page for the complimentary activities and services we offer. We invite you to explore how the RDHW Doctors group can help your company become happier and healthier.

Free community services for stretch therapy
Stretch therapy for the community

Commonly Asked Membership Questions

1. What size does my company need to be for eligible of the complimentary services?

Companies of any size are eligible. Priority calendar scheduling of activities such as Employee Appreciation Days or lunch lectures is given to companies who have previously utilized RDHW Group member services. Larger corporations may need to extend some of the activities, such as Lunch-and-Learn presentations, over different days or by department in order to accommodate everyone.

The RDHW statutes strictly prohibit any member from receiving payment for anyone associated with the RDHW service provider. We strongly enforce this policy as RDHW will always be known as a ‘Cost-free’ organization to companies and community groups. The one exception is where the company raises funds for a charity, whereas tips for services like massages would go to that charity.

Each RDHW member Group provides an annual quota of 60+ hours of donated services to maintain. By requiring a volume of donated services, we are ensuring that the RDHW Group is making a significant positive impact in your community (and your company).

Good news, you can now offer your employees ergonomic and exercise tips they can do at their desk setup, a zoom health event today!

Patient consultation with doctor
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"Restart Your Life", with our PAIN-FREE SPECIAL which includes a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION, AND THE first 20 people that schedules an appointment will be offered a $500 voucher to be redeemed on their first visit toward the purchase of any treatment package.